Towards Certified Separate Compilation for Concurrent Programs


Certified separate compilation is important for establishing end-to-end guarantees for certified systems consisting of multiple program modules. There has been much work building certified compilers for sequential programs. In this paper, we propose a language-independent framework consisting of the key semantics components and lemmas that bridge the verification gap between the compilers for sequential programs and those for (race-free) concurrent programs, so that the existing verification work for the former can be reused. One of the key contributions of the framework is a novel footprint-preserving compositional simulation as the compilation correctness criterion. The framework also provides a new mechanism to support confined benign races which are usually found in efficient implementations of synchronization primitives.

With our framework, we develop CASCompCert, which extends CompCert for certified separate compilation of race-free concurrent Clight programs. It also allows linking of concurrent Clight modules with x86-TSO implementations of synchronization primitives containing benign races. All our work has been implemented in the Coq proof assistant.


Hanru Jiang
Hongjin Liang
Siyang Xiao
Junpeng Zha
Xinyu Feng


In Proc. 40th ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI'19), Phoenix, Arizona, USA, pages 111-125, June 2019.